Throughout the pandemic, we’ve received feedback from Liverpool residents who have had a loved one living in a care home. People have spoken to us about difficulty seeing or speaking to their loved ones, getting information about how their loved one was doing from the care home, and the impact of the pandemic on their loved ones’ physical and mental wellbeing.

We know how difficult the past 16 months have been for many, especially those separated from loved ones. At Healthwatch Liverpool, we work closely with local health and social care services to make sure that those who run services put people at the heart of care.

We’d like to hear from more people about their experiences with care homes during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you’ve had a loved one living in a care home since March 2020 – even if they are no longer living there, or have passed away – please fill in our survey and tell us about your experiences.

This survey will be open until Friday 3rd September, 2021.