Students: 5 steps to a healthy stay in Liverpool

Welcome to Liverpool! Get the best out of your time here by keeping as well as you can and knowing where to go if illness or stress strikes.
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5 steps to a healthy stay in Liverpool

1. Get yourself a GP and dentist

If you've moved to Liverpool for your studies you will be living in Liverpool for most of the year and so this is seen as your main place of residence. It is therefore strongly recommended that you register with a GP here in Liverpool.

A GP practice should be your main point of contact when you are ill or need support and so it is very important that you register as soon as possible and not wait until you are poorly.

It is particularly important if you have a health condition such as asthma or diabetes, or require medication. Your new doctor will be able to liaise with your usual hospital consultant if necessary

Not sure how to register with a GP? Get in touch.

What about when I'm home during the holidays?

If you have a health concern when you are away from Liverpool during the holidays, you will usually be able to register with your local GP a temporary basis.

How do I find an NHS denitst?

Just like with other health issues, you don't want to have to wait or travel home across the country if you wake up with toothache or chip a tooth on a night out. That's why it's a good idea to find yourself a dentist in Liverpool for regular check ups and emergency appointments if you need them.

We keep track of which NHS dentists are taking on new patients in Liverpool so you can contact us for up-to-date information.


GP and Dentist info - City Centre based University of Liverpool students
GP and Dentist info - LJMU students
GP and Dentist info - LIPA students
GP and Dentist info - Hope University students based in the Creative Campus
GP and Dentist info - Greenbank Halls based University of Liverpool students
GP and Dentist info - Carnatic Halls based University of Liverpool students
GP and Dentist info - Hope University students based in Hope Park
GP and Dentist info - Hope University students based in Aigburth Park

2. Know where your nearest pharmacy is

They can advise you on many common health issues and you don’t need an appointment.

Find services

3. Walk in Centres

For minor injuries and one-off— health concerns, the nurse-led Walk-in Centres can help and you don’t need to make an appointment.

4. Keep A&E for serious and life threatening emergencies

A&E is busy with long waiting times to be seen and is best kept for the times we really need it. Always think fi‡rst “could my health problem be dealt with anywhere else?”

5. Look aftœer yourself

Leaving home to go to university means big changes to your life and lots of great opportunities. Try to remember to eat the odd healthy meal, stay active and keep an eye on your stress levels. If you feel constantly unhappy or that you can’t cope, don’t keep it a secret. Speak to your GP and University Student Counselling and Wellbeing Service.

Useful organisations

LJMU Student advice and wellbeing team

You can find them on Twitter @LJMUsaw, visit their website: call 0151 231 3579 or email

Univeristy of Liverpool Student Support Service

Visit their website: call 0151 794 5863 or email

Liverpool Hope University Student Support and Wellbeing

Visit their website: call 0151 291 3427 or email

LIPA Student Support Services

Visit their website: call the student support manager on 0151 330 3013 or email


CALM, the campaign against living miserably, is a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide, the biggest single killer of men aged 20 - 45 in the UK. Their helpline is open 5pm - midnight 365 days a year - 0800 58 58 58. Visit their website for more info:


Student Mental Health Support

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