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Your Stories

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We need to hear your comments about health and social care services you have accessed. We have joined with Care Opinion to provide you with a way to post your feedback. This means other people can read about your experience - which may help them to decide whether it's the right service for them. It also means that we can get an idea about which services we should take a look at.


How long will this take?

About five minutes. You'll enter your story, which area you live in, and add some tags to make your story easy to find. If your story will take you more than 10 minutes to write, we'd suggest you write it and save it in a text document. Then return here, and paste your story into the form.

What will happen to my story?

Care Opinion will publish it on their site, if they can. You can find examples of recently published local stories HERE. Then Care Opinion will email the people in the health services who need to see your story, and they will often reply to the story on the site. If you share a story via this form, when you give your email address you will automatically be provided with a log in to the Care Opinion site so that you can keep track of responses to your feedback. You will receive an email containing your log in details. (Note: we never share or publish any of your confidential information)

Here at Healthwatch Liverpool we'll use your feedback on services to inform our work.


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