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Healthwatch Liverpool response to CQC system review for Liverpool


The CQC has published a review of how local health and social care systems work together in Liverpool http://www.healthwatchliverpool.co.uk/news/cqc-publishes-review-how-local-health-and-social-care-systems-work-together-liverpool

Below, you can read our response to the findings of the review:

The newly published CQC local system review paints a mixed picture of how well services are working together to care for people aged 65 and older in Liverpool.

We're pleased to see that services are working together more than they have done in the past but note that there's still plenty of room for improvement. We welcome the report's recommendation of the need for strengthening relationships between everyone involved in care provision – from the NHS and social care providers to voluntary sector organisations, friends and family and the people receiving care themselves.

As the local champion for people who use health and care services in Liverpool, we want people to have a meaningful say in the future plans for the city's care provision. We look forward to working together with services on this in the coming months and years.

At an individual level, we want people using services and their carers to be supported to take control in making decisions about their care when they are keen to do so.

Sarah Thwaites, Healthwatch Liverpool CEO said:

"In our conversations with people who are using health and care services and their families, we hear some good examples of joined-up care as well as hearing stories that are less positive. We hope that people's feedback can be used to improve how services work together to improve care for everyone in Liverpool"



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